Car Repairing

Repair your car at your doorstep.

Car Towing

Tow your car at accident spot or in between road.

Car Service

Book your car service at affordable price.

Earn rewards on purchase of Insurance with Kepoci Mobile app

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Insurance Purchase

Car Repairing

Car Towing

Car Service

About Us

Kepoci is a platform where users can purchase Insurance and get unlimited rewards and benefits.

Users can use their rewards with Purchase of goods, products from ONLINE Merchants or booking of services from OFFLINE MERCHANTS.

Kepoci is a platform where Merchants can come to app and provide their services & sale the products with our app. Merchants can come here who wanted to sale their products. Merchants can also signup who wanted to provide their services to their clients. Customers can book service or purchase products using Kepoci Mobile app. Customers can also book car related services.

We have 2 kind of Merchants


Who selling products/goods to their customers. Customers can go to their shop and purchase product or do payment with earned rewards of kepoci wallet.


Who selling Services to their customers. Customers can book services for the merchants and get the service at doorstep and use their earned reward points.

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